Buy Antioxidant Chocolate in Duncan on Vancouver Island or International

Buy Antioxidant Chocolate in Duncan on Vancouver Island Do you need a healthy snack to keep in your locker for a post-workout bite at your Duncan on Vancouver Island gym? Do you want a guilt-free morsel to nibble while you are stuck in traffic on the interstate? How about a healthy breakfast bar to grab when you rush out of your home on your way to work?

Xocai antioxidant chocolate bars are a convenient and delicious health food that tastes like candy. The Xocai Protein Bar is the perfect low-calorie (140 calories), high-protein (10g), and high-fiber (5g) meal-on-the-go providing the necessary antioxidants, carbohydrates, and vitamins (25% DV) for peak performance.

The Xocai Protein Bar is for ALL calories-be-damned chocoholics, international health nuts and everyone in between.

Xocai Protein Bars are just one of the delicious weight-loss chocolate products sold by Xocai. Xocai (show-sigh) developed a revolutionary chocolate manufacturing process that preserves the high antioxidant contents of natural cacao. Xocai is the only company that sells honest-to-goodness healthy chocolate. You can see the nutritional information for all of Xocai’s products at

We are Andre & Deanne Grenier. In the past, if we were rushed and hungry, we would sometimes eat unhealthy junk food.  We had been looking for something satisfying and nutritious to keep on hand for such times. Then we discovered Xocai healthy chocolate. At first, we thought “Healthy Chocolate” sounded like a Xocai scam. But Xocai delivers. Their antioxidant dark chocolate products are actually extremely nutritious. We were so impressed with the company and their weight-loss chocolate products that we decided to become a Xocai distributor.

Would you like to sample a Xocai protein bar? Are you interested in learning about an incredible income opportunity in a wide open Victoria,  Nanaimo  or any market? If so, we need to talk. Here is our contact info: phone – 250-709-0711, email –

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