Direct Selling Opportunity Early In Duncan on Vancouver Island

Victoria or Nanaimo Healthy Chocolate One of the oft-perpetuated myths about Duncan on Vancouver Island MLM marketing companies (by insiders and outsiders alike) is that it is only wise to join companies that are in the pre-launch phase. You have probably seen pitches similar to the following:

‘New Victoria or Nanaimo MLM Ground Floor Opportunity – Join Today!’

Let’s think about this logic for a moment; Does it mean that distributors who sign up in three months will a have a lower earning potential? Does it imply that the Vancouver Island direct marketing company won’t be viable next year?

Both of these may have some truth in them. The failure rate for some direct marketing companies can be high. Keep in mind that some risky Victoria health and wellness MLMs start with next to nothing in assets and must use the entrance fees from their first line of distributors to fund the company. If they don’t generate enough first-line distributors, they fail before they even get going. And take your money with them.

Let’s look at Xocai. The Mill Bay weight-loss chocolate distributors who joined the first year and worked steadily have built a profitable business. However, like other well-managed companies that deliver a revolutionary product at a reasonable price, Xocai has increased in value since it’s inception over six years ago. Xocai has proven its viability and continues to offer a sound financial opportunity for Victoria entrepreneurs.

Xocai’s business plan is built on their category-creating product; antioxidant chocolate, not the ability to attract distributors. That is an important distinction in the Direct Marketing/MLM scam world.

We are Andre & Deanne Grenier, a very happy Xocai dark chocolate distributors in Duncan on Vancouver Island who has been sharing the good news about Xocai since April, 2010. We would love to tell you more about Xocai’s Victoria, Duncan or Nanaimo home-based business opportunity. I can be reached at 250-709-0711.

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