Healthy Chocolate for Aging Baby Boomers

Healthy Chocolate Business Booming Hello! Welcome to my Xocai healthy chocolate blog. If you are new to this site, let me tell you about my Duncan on Vancouver Island antioxidant chocolate business.

We are Healthy Chocolate Entrepreneur Andre & Deanne of ‘ HealthyDarkChocolate4U. ‘ We have been sharing Xocai antioxidant chocolate since April, 2010.

Xocai chocolate products have an antioxidant content that is unsurpassed for chocolate or most any other food popular on Vancouver Island.  Xocai contains cacao and acai berries. These two foods are the ultimate nutritional supplements/snacks/health foods/fruits; whatever you want to call them!

Xocai has a complete line of healthy chocolate products for Victoria or Nanaimo chocolate fiends who need a regular chocolate fix. I am one of those hard-core chocolate fanatics, …but I am also concerned about my health. What does Xocai do for me? It boosts my energy, helps me keep my weight at a healthy level and gives me that “I can conquer the world” feeling.

We are looking for motivated people to share Xocai antioxidant chocolate. If you live in Esquimalt, Victoria, Mill Bay, Vancouver Island or  internationally you may be interested in your own Xocai distributorship. While some markets are shrinking, the chocolate industry continues to expand in British Columbia and worldwide.  Healthy chocolate appeals not only to chocolate regulars but also baby boomers who are concerned about health problems that seem almost unavoidable as we age. Antioxidants are the answer to many problems associated with aging.

If you are interested in building a chocolate business for yourself, call me at 250-709-0711 today. I look forward to discussing my business and answering any questions you may have. Send me a note from my Contact Page.

 Listen to Dr.Steven Warren and start living healthier and longer: (877) 271-3118 prompt 1,2

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