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How To Cite Sources On Your Duncan, on Vancouver Island Home Business Blog I mentor several Duncan, on Vancouver Island entrepreneurs who have online home business blogs. Some of these home business owners are new to the online marketplace and are learning the principles of small business blogging. Today’s Duncan, on Vancouver Island article explains how to cite third-party information in your home business blog.

Generally, it is permissible to include third-party information as long as you include a source reference. For example, if I wanted to include an excerpt from an article about a X Power Squares, Xe Energy drink, XoBiotic and XProtein Meal Replacement research study, I would cite the name of the article, the journal, the author, and the date. If I accessed it from a website, I would include that also.

Here is an example from The article: ‘Dark Chocolate Takes a Bite Out of Stress’ by Jennifer Warner is about a study conducted at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne Switzerland. At the end of the article, the following paragraph is included: ‘The study appears in the Journal of Proteome Research and was conducted by researchers at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland.’ included an article by Tabby Biddle that also cites the Swiss study and several others. They cited their sources at the end of the article in the following format:

American Chemical Society. New evidence that dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress. ScienceDaily. http://www.sciencedaily.comĀ  /releases/2009/11/091111123612.htm. Accessed Dec. 7, 2009.

If you want to include material that is licensed, follow the appropriate procedure to obtain permission outlined by the owners of the content. Then be sure to let your readers know that you have permission by saying: ‘Reprinted by permission of so-and-so.’ Duncan, on Vancouver Island home business bloggers who reprint information without permission damage their credibility and run the risk of legal action.

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