Tell Your Home Business Success Story

Tell Your Home Business Success Story In Duncan, on Vancouver Island If you are a Duncan, on Vancouver Island home based business owner, you have a story. Perhaps you don’t think your story is very interesting, but I bet others would. Especially other Duncan, on Vancouver Island folks who would like to own their own Duncan, on Vancouver Island Nuggets, XoBiotic , X Power Squares and Xe Energy Drinks Direct Sales or internet business.

Your personal story can be used as a case study in your marketing materials. Think of the memorable personal stories that could be drawn from the lives of these famous entrepreneurs:

Walt Disney (Started an empire with a vision and a small loan.)
Martha Stewart (Made DIY home decorating chic and rebounded after legal troubles.)
Warren Buffet (Where do I start?)

In addition to using experiences from your own life as a direct marketer in Duncan, on Vancouver Island, you can use stories about how your products, services, or financial opportunity has affected one of your customers or team members.

If no interesting stories immediately come to mind, don’t dismiss this effective marketing tool. Just keep it in mind as you go about your business in the next few weeks.

As you interact with your home business customers and people in your Duncan, on Vancouver Island network, something might pique your interest. Jot it down for future development.

If you observe your business interactions from a storyteller’s perspective, the marketing possibilities will jump out at you.

How has my experience as a Nuggets, XoBiotic , X Power Squares and Xe Energy Drinks network marketer in Duncan, on Vancouver Island dramatically improved my life? Email me today and I’ll tell you all about it. -DeanneGXocolate

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